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Best Adjustable Weight Bench with Preacher Curl Attachment

Everyone wants big muscular arms, right?

Your arms are a very visible part of your body, and usually the first place someone will look to judge how strong and muscular you are.

Whenever someone asks, “show me your muscles?” – They’re not looking for you to strip down and do a rear lat-spread or a side chest pose. It’s your biceps they want to see.

The desire for guys to want big, head turning arms is understandable, but growth in that area can be a real sticking point for some people. To help pack on a peak to your biceps, a weight bench with a preacher curl pad can help, greatly.

If your biceps aren’t responding well to your current workout and you’re struggling to fill the sleeves of a t-shirt, try adding preacher curls into the mix, as this isolation exercise provides maximum growth stimulating tension to your biceps.

Better still, if you’re working out at home, investing in an adjustable weight bench with preacher curl attachment is the best piece of equipment for developing big biceps.

We’ve narrowed down the UK’s Top 5 best workout benches with preacher curl pad, to help you choose the perfect addition to your home gym.

1. Bodymax CF330 Premium Weight Bench with Preacher

This fully adjustable workout bench has 6 angle settings – decline, flat, incline, upright – and a couple in between. Having a multi-purpose bench like this at home means that you can target and work different muscle groups, comfortably.

It’s solid construction and wide base provides maximum stability when working out with heavy dumbbells or barbells. If you’ve even bench pressed on a wobbly weight bench, you’ll know exactly how off putting it can be as you try to maintain good from through your reps.

With the Bodymax CF330 bench you can get a full body workout because of its adjustability and leg curling attachment. And the preacher pad with curling handles means you can focus on bicep muscle development.

Preacher attachments like the Bodymax CF330’s gives you the option of using the handle, like a preacher machine, or to use the pad for isolated dumbbell curls. Utilising both means that you’re able to work the biceps through different points of the strength curve, for the ultimate bicep development.

Overall, this adjustable weight bench with its preacher system ticks all the boxes for a great workout at home.

2. Gorilla Sports – Universal Weight Bench Workstation

This is a beast of a weight bench system, with everything from dip bars, to pec fly, to barbell rack – even 100kg of weights are included – and of course, a solid preacher pad with barbell holder. This truly is the ultimate home workout bench.

Gorilla Sports is a UK based gym equipment manufacturer that’s been going strong since 2005. They offer an extensive range of premium quality, yet very affordable home gym equipment, like this Universal Weight Bench Workstation.

The entire bench weighs around 40kg, which gives you an ideal of how solid this weight bench is. At its core, there’s a 6-way adjustable bench with black padding. No fancy shapes of details, it has that solid old-school look to it.

At the seat end there’s a detachable preacher pad with small hooks to hold a barbell or EZ curl bar. And did I mention that this set includes these bars? – Well, it does, and vinyl weights.

At the back of the weight bench there are two barbell rack stands that have 5 hight settings and safety pins, and at either side there are two pec fly pads. With its various bench angles, you can have an incredible chest workout.

Now, for arms, I talked about the preacher pad, and that this set includes dumbbells, two different barbells, and weights. But it also includes dipping bars and a cable system for triceps extensions, so you’re able to get a total arm workout with this bench system.

The leverage attachment can be fitted to the front, where the preacher attachment is located, to become a leg curler.
You can train every muscle group with this bench, weights, and accessories.

Gorilla have thought of everything when they designed this weight bench, you’d be hard pushed to find a better free weight bench set out there. It’s easy to construct at home, with clear instructions.

3. Marcy Deluxe – MWB-838 Olympic weight Bench

Looking at this bench, you can see right away why this is a “Deluxe” model. The thick upholstery has a premium leather appearance and comes with 1-year warranty, and the black painted steel frame – including all bushes and brackets – come with a 3-year warranty, which speaks volumes for the quality of this weight bench.

The upholstery is stitched together using a “box stitch” technique which is chosen for its strength and stability, and the material was chosen for its durability and odour resistance.

Mercy used a powder coating paint on the frame for its scrat resistance and protective properties, so the frame will last for many years, even under heavy use.

The back rest of the bench adjusts between six angles – from upright through to decline – on a solid saw-tooth bracket system. There are no pins or screws to more and secure the back rest into place. Instead, a bracket slots into saw-teeth on the frame, so super stability and fast adjustments.

Mounted on the front of the bench there is a leg developer which takes Olympic weight plates and has ergonomically shaped foam pads, which are kind to your knees.

Also, at the front, these is a solid preacher arm curls pad which has three high adjustment settings.

This weight bench comes with adjustable barbell upright catchers which can be used for squats, bench press, or shoulder press. They are compatible with 6 and 7ft barbells and have nine hight settings. Again, for amazing durability Mercy has chosen 14-Guage steel for robustness over cheaper materials which gives them the ability to handle 130kg loads.

At the base of the uprights there is a handy weight holder for storing up to 60kg of plates.

We’re super impressed with the materials and construction of this adjustable weight bench with preacher curl pad and barbell rack by Marcy.

4. Bodymax – CF510 Elite

There’s a reason why powerhouse fitness has made it twice in this article, Its because they produce highly effective and reliable equipment! Hence the title – elite, this weight bench is a little more advanced than the first one listed, so keep this in mind! With that being said, the far more professional structure means for far more uses, let’s take a look!

The bodymax comes with a sweat cover! If you’ve ever used the benches in a gym, you will understand the embarrassing feeling that accompanies a visibly sweaty bench directly after use. This inevitably uncomfortable situation can leave you not wanting to leave that specific machine as you don’t want anyone to see the mess you’ve made!

The sweat cover that comes with this product ensures that nothing like this will ever happen!The bodymax is fitted with transportation wheels. The transportation wheels mean you can easily and efficiently move this bench to any given direction without fear of scratching, damaging and or ruining any surrounding property.

This slick little feature is especially useful in times of moving house and it will most certainly make the job much easier!This product provides an armlock on the curler! What makes preacher curls so effective is the unparalleled isolation involved in the movement.

However, this very unique benefit can potentially be ruined with poor form… This product has changed the game in this area as the preacher curling setting provides an arm lock on each side, this arm lock ensures proper form throughout the movement!

5. Weider – 490 DC Weight Bench

If you’ve been involved with the gym for a while, then chances are you’ve heard of Weider.

Why? – Because Joe Weider was professional bodybuilder and the creator of the Mr Olympia competition.

They produce and sell a wide array of different products ranging from supplements to top-quality gym gear. And it’s with pride that I present to you the Weider the 490 DC, an affordable multi-purpose bench with plate loaded preacher curl station and squat rack.

A very unique feature this equipment possesses is the adjustable spotter features. These are located on the two sidebars used to rack the barbell. These features allow for a fully personalised bench press movement meaning you no longer have to feel worried at the end of each set!

This bench presents a fully customisable frame. This means you are not limited to the designated movement meant for this bench. If you wish to incorporate other movements into your routine, you can easily adjust and or remove parts of the product to further help you complete your desired movement.

The adjustable rack meant for the bench press can also be used as a squat rack. All you have to do is move the bench away and the rack is yours for the taking! Since the rack is completely adjustable, you can not only complete the exercise normally but it can be done to your desire!

There you have it! The top 5 workout weight benches with a preacher curl attachment. Every product listed provides a unique list of benefits and this is precisely what must be taken into account when making a purchase. If you’re looking to get a home gym set up, any one of these weight benches offer durability and the versatility to work out your entire body for superb muscular development, without the need to set foot in a busy – and expensive – commercial gym.