5 Muscle Building Myths Exposed

Myth 1: More Sets Equals More Muscle Growth

So many people have this idea that the more sets they complete in a workout, the more muscle they’ll grow.

Unfortunately, this is not the case and could lead to over training.

There’s really no need to spend any longer that 45 minutes hitting the weights to build muscle. Just three sets of three exercises are enough to stimulate muscle growth. Nine working sets in total for large muscle groups, such as chest, back and shoulders, and six working sets for small muscle groups such as biceps, triceps and traps is more than enough to make significant gains in strength and size.

Hammering out 20 grueling sets to failure per muscle group instead of 9 is not going to get you any further forward. In fact, excessive volume training like this severely depletes glycogen and amino acid stores, reduces testosterone levels and increases cortisol, hindering recovery and leading to over training.

Get into the gym… hit it hard, and get out!

Myth 2: You Need To Feel the Pump

Getting a ‘pump’ (when the worked muscle fills with blood) while working out feels good. Your muscles look bigger, thicker, and tighter.

Arnold Schwarzenegger famously said…

The greatest feeling you can get in a gym, or the most satisfying feeling is the pump. It gives you a really tight feeling in your muscle, like your skin is going to explode, and it feels fantastic! It’s as satisfying as having sex and coming.

Well, getting a pump can certainly feel good, but sorry Arnold, it’s not better then sex.

While a pump does make your muscles temporarily look bigger, it’s not needed for muscle growth. It’s simply a natural process where the muscles fill with blood during physical exertion. Think about it this way… Pick up a very light weight dumbbell and do 100 curls

…are you going to get a pump? Yes

Is it going to make you bigger and stronger? No

Don’t chase the pump… if you get one when working out, great, if you don’t, it doesn’t matter.

Myth 3: Do lots of sit-ups to get 6 pack abs

You can do all the sit-ups in the world, if you’re holding fat around your waist, then you’re not going to see them. Nor will doing hundreds of sit-ups burn belly fat to reveal abs. The only way you will ever get a six pack is by dieting and loosing fat… period.

Myth 4: You Need to ‘keep your muscles guessing’ to keep Growing

If you’re not gaining size or strength, it’s not because your muscles know what exercises you’re going to do that day and have stopped responding. You don’t need to trick them and keep them guessing to keep gaining… it’s a myth.

Muscles contract and relax, and keep growing in response to progressive overload, proper rest and nutrition… not a change in exercises.

Sure, you can do different exercises now and again, change things up, change routines to keep things interesting.

Myth 5: You Need Bodybuilding Supplements to Get Big

You do NOT need bodybuilding supplements to get big. Just look at the bodybuilders from way back, guy’s like Steve Reeves or Reg Park. These were big, muscular, strong men who developed their impressive physiques before bodybuilding supplements and even steroids were invented.

Bodybuilding supplements are designed to meet market demand. That market is men who want to build muscle, and supplement manufactures will do whatever they can to get that money out of your pockets.

The only supplements I recommend taking are creatine to help with workout strength, and whey protein isolate to increase daily protein intake for convenience.

Don’t buy into all the bodybuilding supplement hype that gets pushed out there, you don’t need any of them to reach your goals.

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