Hany Rambod’s FST – 7

fst-7 Hany RambodFST – 7 is a unique training system developed by trainer Hany Rambod, otherwise known as “The Pro Creator”.

Why is he called the “Pro creator” you ask?

He received that name because of his consistent track recovered of taking amateur bodybuilders and turning them into pros!

Hany was a competitive bodybuilder himself, but now works as a personal trainer to some of the top athletes in the world. Also, he works with some of the top Bodybuilders in the world, namely, Jay Cutler (4x Mr Olympia) and Phil Heath (2x Mr Olympia) and exclusively used the FST-7 system on his clients.

What is FST-7?

FST-7 stands for ‘Fascia Stretch Training’ and the 7 stands for the 7 sets of a single exercise performed on the last exercise of a target muscle group. The system was developed through years of research and has proven effective at breaking through plateaus, bringing out lagging body parts and stimulating growth.

In a nutshell, the FST-7 training method creates a massive pump that stretches and expands the muscle fascia, allowing for more growth to occur. The pump is just one component to increasing muscle size. The pump is created using heavy weight of 7 sets in the 8 – 12 range with 30 – 45 seconds rest between each set. This creates a good pump that expands the muscle facial while working in with heavy weights in a rep range that will maximise target muscle stimulation for hypertrophy (growth).

It’s not just a workout of 7 sets. You will go through your normal training routine of say 9 sets on chest (3 sets of 3 exercises) and finish your last set with FST-7 sets of an isolation exercise, such as 7 sets on pec deck.

FST-7 Results

This system was all the range when it was released in 2009 and still continues to receive attention to this day. I’ve been looking forward to giving the system a try but I’m suffering from a bad case of medial epicondylitis (golfers elbow) on my right elbow at the moment, so I’m not able to train much at all, let alone start using such an intense training method like FST-7. Hopefully I’ll be back training by the end of the week.

After having a few weeks off from training, FST-7 sounds like a great way to get some volume back into my muscles and kick start some serious new growth. I’m sceptical of ‘training systems’ but the idea behind FST-7 seems plausible and well worth giving a try. Jay Cutler and Phil Heath are both good friends of Hany Rambod, the creator of FST-7. Both Jay and Phil seem to really like the training system and value Hany’s training methods so much that they work with him in preparation for their Mr Olympia competition. I think that says a lot about FST-7 and Hany Rambod.

I will say this though… I think 7 intense sets at the end of a workout is way over the top for the average natural lifer. Remember, this FST-7 training system was designed for genetically gifted pro bodybuilders who are using high amounts of anabolic steroids.

For natural, genetically average lifters like you and me I recommend reducing the volume. Finishing with 4 sets and keeping your rest periods at the higher end of 45 seconds at the end of a good workout would be a better option. Let’s call it FST-4… for drug free, genetically average trainees.

I’ll be giving my modified version of FST-7 a run for a few months as soon as I recover from this elbow injury, which should be next week. I’ll update by progress and results as I’m working with this training system, so look out for those posts!

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