Mass Building Exercises for Triceps

If you want big arms, you must give your triceps some mass building attention!

Your triceps are made up of three main heads:

Lateral Head: Is located on the outside of the arm and is the most visible past of the triceps
Long Head: Is located on the inside/back portion of the arm and connects with the shoulder
Medial Head: Is located near the elbow and is the smallest part of the triceps

When it comes to arms, most people pay way to much attention to training their biceps and neglect their tries. Building bigger arms is more than just building big biceps. If you really want to have bigger arms you’ll need to do more than just curls and bench presses, because the triceps comprise of around 75% mass of the arm.

Exercising your triceps will help you to achieve a more well-rounded approach to building overall muscle mass in the arms. Building a strong set of triceps will also help to increase your shoulder and bench press strength.

Below you’ll find some of the best exercises for building muscle mass in your tricep.


You will need two benches in order to complete this exercise. Like the name suggests, you will be dipping your body down between the benches and then lifting yourself back up. To begin you should be seated on one bench with your feet resting on the other bench. Next you will slide forward and use your arms to lower yourself down between the two benches. You should continue lowering yourself until your elbows are at a 90 degree angle. Then simply lift yourself back up to the seated position. You can provide additional resistance by placing weights in your lap.

Close Grip Press

Unlike like a traditional bench press, close grip presses are performed with your hands no more than a foot apart. You should not have your hands further out than your shoulders. Ensuring a close grip will put most of the focus of the press on your triceps. You will still be working your pectoral muscles, although your triceps will receive more focus than they would with a traditional press. Begin the press with your arms fully extended and slowly lower the weight to your chest with your elbows tucked tightly at your sides. Lift the bar back up until your arms are fully extended just before the bar hits your chest.

Seated Tricep Extensions

Performing this exercise will require a bench with an adjustable seat which you can raise to support your back. You should start by holding a dumbbell of an appropriate weight with both hands and lifting it above your head, fully extending your arms. Next, bend your elbows to lower the weight behind your head slowly until it reaches just above the back of your next. Continue the exercise by lifting the dumbbell back up, fully extending your arms, then back down again.

Diamond Pushups

This is much like a regular pushup, although the form will put much more pressure on your triceps than a traditional pushup would. Instead of placing your hands apart below your shoulders, create a diamond shape directly below the middle of your chest by extending your thumbs and forefingers and pressing them together gently. To create more intensity to this style of pushup you can add a clap in between each rep. Simply push down with enough force to allow your hands to leave the floor and clap your hands together on the way up. Then return your hands to the floor in a diamond shape to catch yourself on the way back down.

Rope Pushdowns

This type of exercise can be done on any machine which allows you to pull downward in order to create resistance. Form is critical when performing this exercise. You will want to grip a rope which is connected to the machine and press downward with your forearms while keeping your back perfectly straight and rigid. You should focus on only pressing down with your forearms in order to focus on your triceps. If you begin to move your shoulders and back you will be putting less resistance on your triceps.

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