Optimum Mass Version 2.0

I know you're fed up: Lifting weights and training hard, only to find you're the same size as last month.

Slamming back expensive protein shakes like they're going out of style. You’re frustrated, because you’re still small, still weak, and this close to giving up.

And I know why: You've been... well, misinformed.

You've put countless hours into this. Watching YouTube videos, and reading articles until your eyes burn, trying to figure out the best way to build muscle.

I get it.

But the problem is, the internet is full of nonsensical, BS advice, and what's worse is that it's spread by so-called "experts" who have never so much as lifted a weight in their lives!

...And that's not all, it seems that even the true, qualified, experts in the field of bodybuilding and fitness can’t agree with each other.

How the hell are you supposed to make any progress when you’re faced with a tidal wave of conflicting information?

It's not easy, I know.

I used to be a clueless skinny-fat "hardgainer" who couldn't pack on muscle to save my life, so I know where you're coming from!

My first attempts at bodybuilding were directionless. I'll spare you all the embarrassing details, but suffice to say, they involved a lot of effort and stupid mistakes, for no return.

I was frustrated, and realized that to make progress, I had to take time to get educated on muscle growth – seriously educated.

Simply lifting weights without knowing how or why was only keeping me small and weak.

I studied – practically devoured – scientific research journals, all manner of printed publication and learned from a select few real experts about building muscle.

As cliche as it might sound, it’s true what they say - "The more you know, the more you grow".

I ate, dreamed and breathed information on muscle growth.

It took a lot of research and patience, trial and error, but I was relentless - obsessive - in my study and application of all that I learned.

Fast forward 10+ years and I now have articles featured on top bodybuilding sites such as and

It's been quite a journey - To go from a no-muscle-nobody, bullied by his own shadow, to strong, muscular, and respected - it's pretty insane, looking back.

I don’t just know how to build muscle, I know how to build muscle optimally. In other words, I've learned, and refined, training and nutrition strategies, that work best.

...And the good news is that you've found this page, it's the first step in your transformation to a strong, lean, muscular physique.

I've put everything I know about building muscle as quickly and efficiently as possible, and created a complete downloadable program. It's called Optimum Mass, which was born from the idea of creating the optimal training, nutrition, and supplementation conditions to maximise muscle growth.

I'm not afraid of hard work and I know you're not, either. What I want to do is spare you from any more emotional hardship and wasted time in your quest to get big. I made countless mistakes over the years, you can skip them.

Every day, I see people in the gym, aimlessly wandering from one machine to the next, lifting a bit of this weight and a bit of that, looking for all the world as lost as I know they are.

It's clear that most people have no clue about nutrition. Even the people who are training properly aren't getting the results they're after because they don't know how to eat.

You don't need to struggle like most people, not any more...


Optimum Mass Version 2.0

Optimum Mass Main Manual

This eBook explains how and why the Optimum Mass Program works, and will answer every question you've every had about how to build muscle optimally. Discover the science behind maximizing lean muscle growth.

Optimum Mass Workout Program

Your first day of training starts here, with the Optimum Mass workout program. Inside this guide you'll find the full 6 months program, complete with optimal reps, sets, exercises, exercise tutorials and workout guidelines. 

Optimum Mass Nutrition Guide

Without solid nutrition, you're screwed. You need an optimized nutrition program, that's tailored to stimulate lean muscle growth, without fat gain. This guide covers everything - from calories, macronutrients, best foods, to examples meal plans. 

… All Ready For Instant Download in PDF Format

Wouldn't it be great to finally just "get it"? To finally know EXACTLY what it takes to build pounds of lean muscle?

The Optimum Mass package consists of 3 PDF eBooks. You'll be able to access the eBooks instantly after purchase and they're compatible on all devices - PC, Laptop, Smartphone, iPhone, iPad or Tablet.

The main guide is a no-fluff eBook that cuts through the crap and provides you with all the details that matter to build the most amount of muscle in the quickest time.

Backed by science and real-world results, the information in this guide shows you how to pack on lean muscle optimally, which has the side effect of causing other guys in the gym to stair with envy.

You'll get instant access to...

  • Main Optimum Mass eBook
  • Workout Program eBook
  • Nutrition Guide eBook
  • Printable Workout Program

When you purchase Optimum Mass, you're getting immense value. Years of education and hard work have been distilled and poured into this understandable and easy to follow program.

Optimum Mass contains everything you need to gain immense amounts of muscle, while dramatically improving your body composition and strength. It's the program your personal trainer doesn't want you to know about.

When you purchase Optimum Mass, you're not just getting a few tips and tricks from a faceless nerd who gained a few pounds by sheer luck; you're getting a complete system which will take you through from start to finish with a proven, science-based program that can turn the skinniest guy into a Greek God!... ok, maybe not a Greek God, but I guarantee you'll build pounds of muscle using this program, whatever your genetic predisposition.

ONLY $29


Main Guide

This eBook is the core of the Optimum Mass program, where you’ll discover the driving principles behind the construction of the program, and why it’s so damn effective at building lean muscle mass.

You’ll discover how muscles grow in response to training & nutrition - the physiological processes behind muscle growth. When you know what's going on "behind the scenes", you'll understand how to optimize your training and nutrition for maximum gains.

I’ve examined every training and nutrition variable, the key factors crucial to successfully stimulate muscle growth – from exercise selectin, repetition ranges, weight selection, number of sets, number of workouts, exercise form, rest between sets - to calories, macronutrients, water intake, supplementation, and more.

I’ve studied, and applied the science behind these variables, and how to manipulate them for optimal results, to effectively squeeze every last bit of growth from each workout.

Understand why the common mistake of training for hours on end is dead wrong. No more frustrating guesswork!

You'll discover how fast to lift... yes, the speed of your repetitions matter!

Everything you ever wanted to know about supplements. You'll discover some eye-opening truths about bodybuilding supplements. No more confusion about which supplements to take, or how to take them.

Training Manual

Main Optimum Mass Workout Program: This carefully crafted training program will take you through the process of gaining maximum muscle mass. You'll be shown exactly what to do every day, step-by-step.

The workout program is set out on clear, printable workout sheets, showing sets, repetitions, and exercises with tutorials. This workout system gives you the very best muscle building exercises for each muscle group, and how to implement them.

The Best Exercises for Muscle Growth and How to Perform Them: Take the confusion out of choosing exercises! There are thousands out there, but I've separated the wheat from the chaff and listed only the best, scientifically proven muscle builders for each muscle group. After finishing the Main Optimum Mass Program, use this section to design your own tailor-made workout!

Print out the workout routine and take it to the gym with you, or view it on your smartphone, to easily follow the routine.

Nutrition Guide

Calorie and Macronutrient Requirements: Learn how to calculate your calorie requirements and macronutrient ratios for maxamizing lean muscle growth, and minimizing fat gain, with sample calculations and easy to follow formulas. Never get stuck wondering what to eat or how much to eat again.

Example meal Plans from 2000 to 4500 calories: Easily pick a meal plan – whether it's 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 4000, or 4500 calories – that meets your daily caloric requirements! Each meal plan contains the perfect macronutrient ratios to build serious muscle, and shows you exactly what to eat for each meal, when to eat it and how much to eat for optimum results.

The Best Muscle Building Foods: Don't like what you see in the provided meal plans? No problem!

You'll get a full list of the best muscle building foods and their nutritional profiles, including calories, protein, carbohydrates, fats and biological value for each food source, and instructions on how to construct your own meals. When you know which foods are best to eat, it's easy to design your own muscle building meal plan to taste.

Lifetime Updates

The complete Optimum Mass Package is an advanced training, nutrition and supplementation program that provides you with everything you need to build the most muscle in the shortest time.

But I’m always researching and looking for anything new that I can use to improve the package in any way.

As an Optimum Mass customer I’m giving you Free Lifetime Updates. This means you'll always have access to the latest version of the program. You'll be emailed when there's any additional information, or enhancements made – at NO additional cost. So you’ll always have the most current edition of the program!

"The Ultimate Lean Muscle Building Program, Compatible On All Devices."

ONLY $29

Stop putting off your success. Don't waste any more time in the gym. Instead, put my years of hands-on experience and countless hours of obsessive research to work for you. I know how hard it is to sift through all the information out there with little to show for it, which is why I created this program – so you can put your precious time and energy into gaining pounds of lean muscle mass as fast as possible!

No More...

Blindly hitting the weights and praying for success.

Getting frustrated and losing confidence.

Googling shit till the early hours, staring at websites until your eyes burn, trying to make sense of it all, and wondering if what you're reading is even true.

Working yourself to the bone without seeing any gains.

Wasting money on useless supplements.

Wasting time in the gym with useless workouts.

Second-guessing yourself about which exercise to use, how much weight to lift or the number of repetitions to perform.

Wondering what to eat, when to eat or how much. If anyone ever told you, "Eat big to get big," they were right – and very wrong. Indiscriminately stuffing one's face day after day can cause even the hardest of hardgainers to put on mass.

I mean, anyone can gain 20 pounds of bloated fatty mass, but it takes an intelligent training and nutrition program to gain dense lean muscle mass.

It All Stops Here...

I'm giving you a complete system, filled with the optimum training, nutrition and supplementation factors, backed by proven scientific research and real world results, for maximum muscle growth in the shortest time. Results faster than you ever thought possible.

By consistently using this proven program, growth is inevitable, and by avoiding the mistakes you used to make, your goals will be reached in record time! Follow the clear instructions and prepare yourself for serious progress! Increased confidence, from reaching goal after goal, from knowing exactly what to do next and from the undeniably awesome feeling of knowing that you look damn good!

It's not a fad, or a gimmick, it's muscle science...

ONLY $29


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